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Publications on New and Emerging Technologies

Methodology for ethical analysis and scan results of existing ethical codes and guidelines

This report presents a review of three approaches to ethical analysis, ATE, eTA and Future studies and the one TechEthos will use going forward.
Publication | 10 November 2021
Publication | 10 November 2021

Ethics of climate engineering: Don’t forget technology has an ethical aspect too

This opinion paper published in the International Journal of Information Management raises the ethical issues of the world’s response to climate change.
Publication | 25 October 2021
Publication | 25 October 2021

Book review: Thinking AI with a hammer. Kate Crawford’s Atlas of AI (2021)

Anais Resseguier (Trilateral Research) reviews Kate Crawford’s 2021 book Atlas of AI for the journal AI and Ethics, as part of TechEthos’ work on Extended Digital Reality technology family.
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