Results of media analysis

Publication | 05 July 2022

In short

This report presents the results of the media scan and analysis of the TechEthos project. This study sought to gain insights on the media discourse on TechEthos’ three families of technologies: Climate Engineering, Digital Extended Reality, and Neurotechnologies. The media both reflect and shape public perceptions on technologies and, as such, give important indications of these perceptions.

Through an exploration of media discourse, this study contributes to TechEthos’ analysis of public awareness and acceptance of the three families of technology. The task was led by Trilateral Research and carried out with the support of TechEthos’ partners and the science centers and museums associated with the project. The task explored the media discourse in 13 countries – this included ten EU countries: Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, and Sweden and three non-EU countries: Serbia, UK, and USA. The news stories covered by the study were published in 2020 and 2021.


Anais Resseguier, Trilateral Research (TRI), Ilaria Bonavita, TRI

Date of publication

05 July 2022


Draft version submitted to the European Commission for review

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Resseguier, A., Bonavita, I., (2022). Results of media analysis. TechEthos Project report.


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