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New and emerging technologies

New, emerging technologies are only now beginning to take shape and could be available anywhere within a five-to-ten-year horizon. They are expected to generate new opportunities and offer a wealth of socio-economic benefits.

However, due to their transformative potential, these technologies are also likely to pose a number of ethical challenges and societal consequences. We have a chance, now in the early stages of their development, to ensure that ethics is prioritised.

  • “Supercomputers, highly efficient batteries, 2D materials or new cancer treatments are just a few examples of the potential revolutionary achievements that might easily turn into applications accessible to all in the long term.”

    European Leadership through Disruptive Technologies: Future and Emerging Technologies towards 2030

  • “Ethics and integrity in research are prerequisite for achieving excellence in research and innovation. For new, emerging technologies with high socio-economic impact especially, the EU aims to reconcile their development and use with reducing social and economic inequalities as well as eliminating gender inequality.”

    Lisa Diependaele, Policy Officer at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation and one of TechEthos’ policy officers

The role of TechEthos

In TechEthos, we are scanning the horizon for those technologies which are likely to have a large socio-economic impact on society while raising complex ethical issues.

Three or four families of technologies will be selected based on clear indicators and with the contribution of experts from different fields. We will dive deeper into the ethical and social challenges they are likely to pose and produce a range of outputs supporting the effective governance of new and emerging technologies at national, EU and the international level.

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