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Tools to develop and advance scenarios dealing with the ethics of new technologies

This report describes the process of co-creation of the TechEthos game that was developed to enhance the TechEthos scenarios. The TechEthos game will be used to surface ethical issues and concerns in those scenarios and, consequently, helping to enhance them.

Newsletter #4: Spotlight on TechEthos analysis of international & EU law

The fourth edition of the TechEthos newsletter highlights the key findings of our analysis of international & EU law on new and emerging technologies. Have a look at our human rights impact assessment and meet our Advisory and Impact Board.

Neurotechnologies through the lens of human rights law

Emerging technologies challenge us to rethink the ways in which our fundamental rights as human beings are protected by law. What happens, for example, to the right to not self-incriminate if advanced neurotechnologies in the courtroom can provide insights into a defendant’s mental state?

Digital extended reality through the lens of human rights law

Emerging technologies challenge us to rethink the ways in which our fundamental rights as human beings are protected by the law. For instance, how might digital extended reality (XR) affect online safety and the emerging rights to be online and to disconnect?

Climate engineering through the lens of human rights law

Emerging technologies challenge us to rethink the ways in which our fundamental rights as human beings are protected by law. For example, how do your rights as an individual stack up if your local environment is affected by climate engineering activities aimed at addressing global climate change?

Newsletter #3: A summer edition of the TechEthos newsletter

This summer edition of the TechEthos newsletter features the results of our ethical, legal and media analyses, a glimpse of the start of our societal engagement activities and an introduction to our cluster of 16 like-minded projects working with us on Research Ethics.

Policy note: Analysis of expert scenarios addressing ethical implications of the selected technologies

This policy note builds on experts reflections shared during three participatory workshops using TechEthos-generated scenarios. Workshops focused on the ethical issues and social implications of TechEthos technology families.

Analysis of international and EU law and policy

This report explores and analyses relevant international and EU laws and policies for their relevance and applicability to TechEthos’ three families of technologies.

Results of media analysis

This report presents the results of the media scan and analysis. The study sought to gain insights on the media discourse on TechEthos’ three families of technologies: Climate Engineering, Digital Extended Reality and Neurotechnology.

Analysis of Ethical Issues

This report features an in-depth ethical analysis of the three technology families TechEthos is focusing on, including core ethical dilemmas and values and principles.

TechEthos plans to turn much of its work into ready-to-use tools. Here is a small preview of what you can expect.

  • Societal Readiness Tool

    People often ask themselves: how ready is a particular technology to make its entry into society? Its ethical, legal and social status matter and this tool will allow actors such as researchers and innovators to weigh, compare and evaluate these aspects and make a judgement.
  • Ethical Role-Paying Tool

    With the help of vignettes, players can take on different ethical concerns and issues from different roles. Whether faced with a consensus or a genuine dilemma, the main message is that ethical values need to be considered and weighed even when there is no way to provide an answer that addresses them fully.
  • TechEthos Anticipatory Ethics Model

    Based on reflection on own experiences with ethical analysis in the project, this model will help researchers, analysts and policy makers who wish to assess the ethical issues of emerging technologies.
  • Digital exhibitions

    These interactive exhibitions allow you to explore the technologies selected in the project, the scenarios, and the attitudes, values and concerns they triggered amongst different publics. Ultimately, they allow you to join a dialogue and leave your mark.
  • Policy briefs

    A series of policy briefs will distill our outputs and encourage policy makers to lead the way in ethically-informed decision making on the governance of technologies.
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