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Tool | 15 February 2024

TechEthos Societal Readiness Web Tool

TechEthos Societal Readiness Tool is of particular interest to individuals in product design innovation, professional associations in product design fields, and academic researchers with an interest in product design ethics or product readiness from ethical, legal and social perspectives.
Tool | 20 November 2023

Y/our Ethics Decide: an interactive Digital Installation on the ethical dimensions of Climate Engineering and Natural Language Processing

Explore the ethical framework with an immersive digital installation on Climate Engineering’s effects and the influence of Natural Language Processing.
Tool | 17 November 2023

TechEthos Anticipatory ethics Matrix (TEAeM)

The enhanced ethical framework, known as the ‘TechEthos Anticipatory ethics Matrix’ (TEAeM), offers a systematic approach for researchers, academics, and policy makers to assess and address ethical concerns related to emerging technologies.
Post | 2 February 2022

The TechEthos game: Ages of Technology Impacts

Developed in co-creation with science engagement professionals and game experts, the TechEthos game aims at capturing societal attitudes, values and concerns towards Digital Extended Reality, Neurotechnologies and Climate Engineering.
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