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Articles about Ethical Issues

Publication | 11 October 2022

Moral Equivalence of the Metaverse

This scientific paper published in Nanoethics dives into the question “Are digital subjects in virtual reality morally equivalent to human subjects?”.
News | 22 July 2022

Key findings highlight implications of new and emerging technologies

Now at the halfway point of this three-year project, the TechEthos consortium is delighted to publish three sets of key findings that enhance our understanding of the implications of our three technology families.
News | 07 July 2022

A Science & Technology chat over coffee

From June to September, the six science engagement organisations involved in the TechEthos project will hold a series of Science Cafés and engage with hundreds of citizens in Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Spain, and Sweden. Citizens will be invited to discuss new and emerging technologies with scientists, innovators, engineers and civil society.
News | 06 April 2022

Joining forces with like-minded projects to address ethical and societal issues of new technologies

TechEthos has established a cluster of 16 EU-funded projects, creating a platform to exchange, collaborate and create synergies together. On 4 March 2022, these 16 EU-funded projects came together for an online kick-off meeting to align on common goals and find ways to collaborate in the future.
News | 21 December 2021

Introducing the TechEthos technology families

Based on a wide-ranging horizon scanning of over 100 new and emerging technologies, TechEthos selected three families of technologies that are expected to have disruptive socio-economic and ethical implications which will now be the main focus point for the TechEthos project.
Publication | 25 October 2021

Book review: Thinking AI with a hammer. Kate Crawford’s Atlas of AI (2021)

Anais Resseguier (Trilateral Research) reviews Kate Crawford’s 2021 book Atlas of AI for the journal AI and Ethics, as part of TechEthos’ work on Extended Digital Reality technology family.
News | 21 October 2021

Spotlight on Research Ethics and Research Integrity for sustainable innovation

Research ethics and integrity is vital in research but how do we ensure research ethics and integrity is seen as the foundation of excellence in research and innovation? And further to this, how do we ensure it is brought to the forefront of technology innovation?
News | 10 September 2021

Adopting Ethics by Design: Lessons from the SIENNA Project

Ethics by Design is an approach for ensuring that a technology or system is aligned with ethical values and principles.
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