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Stay connected with the latest developments about the ethics of emerging technologies and meet TechEthos and its project partners at upcoming events.

News | 17 June 2024

TechEthos named among World-Leading Ethical Practices

TechEthos has been named one of the world’s leading ethical practices in the newest CORDIS Results Pack on ethics and integrity in research, released by the European Commission.
News | 16 February 2024

The TechEthos Societal Readiness Web Tool (SRT)

The TechEthos Societal Readiness Web Tool is a prototype for a tool to help actors in product design innovation develop product social readiness, and to facilitate qualitative societal readiness self-assessment.
News | 11 January 2024

Installation Insights: TechEthos across 6 European Science Engagement Organisations

To enhance awareness of the rapidly evolving landscape of new and emerging technologies, TechEthos six science engagement organisations hosted the TechEthos physical installation: Y/our ethics decide!
News | 4 December 2023

Navigating Ethical Horizons: Insights from TechEthos Policy Event

The TechEthos Policy Event brought together high-level experts to discuss the ethical governance of emerging technologies in the digital transformation and green transition.
News | 26 October 2023

Y/our Ethics Decide! Discover TechEthos installation

This article promotes the TechEthos innovative installations on new and emerging technologies. Check out the installations next to you!
News | 13 September 2023

ALLEA publishes 2023 revised edition of The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

On 23 June 2023, ALLEA released the 2023 revised edition of “The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity” which takes account of the latest social, political, and technological developments, as well as trends emerging in the research landscape.
News | 12 September 2023

Highlighting key ethical issues determined from scenario creation, expert engagement and citizen engagement via game-based methodology and workshops

This article, summarizing the report D3.1, discusses the involvement of various stakeholders, including the research community and the general public, in considering the ethical implications of new and emerging technologies.
News | 12 September 2023

Citizen awareness and attitudes towards emerging technologies: key takeaways from engagement workshops

The TechEthos project aimed to explore citizen perspectives on emerging technologies like climate engineering, digital extended reality, neurotechnologies, and natural language processing through interactive games and science cafes held in several European cities, providing valuable insights into public awareness and attitudes.
Event | 12 September 2023

TechEthos Policy Event: Ethics for the Green and Digital transition

A policy event that will bring together high-level experts in these fields, including EU policymakers, researchers from academia, and industry representatives to discuss the ethical governance of emerging technologies for the digital transformation and green transition.
News | 30 January 2023

TechEthos game workshops: exploring public awareness & attitudes

What might a world in which technologies like the metaverse or neuroimaging have reached their full potential look like? Would you be in favour of implementing these technologies? Or would you rather forge a completely different world?
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