TechEthos is not acting alone in its pursuit of a European Union that leads the way in the ethical governance of new and emerging technologies.

Cluster of related projects

A number of projects and initiatives are ongoing in the areas of Research Ethics and Research Integrity. Together, they have established a core cluster that will meet regularly and work together with the following aims:


Exchange experiences and knowledge


Align future plans and act in synergy for activities and events

Policy Papers

Prepare Policy Papers concerning the technologies relevant to the project

We cooperate with:


Hybrida (2021-2024)

HYBRIDA aims to embed a comprehensive ethical dimension to organoïd-based research and resulting technologies, dealing with the uncertainties that result from the challenge organoids pose to the categorisation, since Roman law, of all entities as either persons or things.


Scanning of projects and results

TechEthos is also carefully scanning past activities and research in this field in order to build on already existing, high quality results.
You might be interested in the work of these past projects closely related to TechEthos:


Panelfit (2018-2022)

PANELFIT is helping stakeholders, policy makers, and end users adapt to Changes in the regulation of ICT research and innovation by producing a set of editable, open access guidelines to reduce the ethical and legal issues posed by ICT technologies.



SIENNA (2017-2021)

SIENNA developed ethical frameworks, recommendations for better regulation and operational tools for the ethical management of human genomics, human enhancement and AI & robotics.



SATORI (2014-2017)

SATORI developed a common framework of ethical principles and practical approaches so as to strengthen shared understandings among actors involved in the design and implementation of research ethics.


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