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Enhancement of ethical frameworks and outline of detailed ethics framework

The enhanced ethical framework, known as the ‘TechEthos Anticipatory ethics Matrix’ (TEAeM), offers a systematic approach for researchers, academics, and policy makers to assess and address ethical concerns related to emerging technologies by combining empirical studies from the TechEthos methodology.

Have a closer look at the enhanced ethical framework:
‘TechEthos Anticipatory ethics Matrix’ (TEAeM)

What is an ethical framework?

An ethical framework is a set of principles that can provide a solid base for the development of applications that are consistent with the accepted social norms and moral principles and values in society. Agreeing on an ethical framework or a combination of frameworks will help to guide the developers and users of these technologies.

Why the need for an ethical framework?

The central problem for the ethics of emerging technologies is that we humans cannot predict the future, and therefore do not know which ethical issues will play out once the technology is fully developed and entrenched in society. As the emerging technology is still evolving, many questions can arise about its nature, its future use, and its social consequences. However, if an ethical framework is to be useful in an area of emerging technology, it needs to be accepted by researchers/academics and policy makers prior to any activity that uses the technology or during the technology’s development phase. Furthermore, the framework should be used in consultation at every stage of development and not just considered as an afterthought.

Audience – who is this framework for?

The ‘TechEthos Anticipatory ethics Matrix’ (TEAeM) will be useful for researchers, academics and policy makers wanting to assess the ethical issues of emerging technologies and to mitigate these risks. The ordering of the various matrix elements in the TEAeM framework can be done in a range of ways, depending on the specific emerging technology under scrutiny.

The TechEthos Anticipatory ethics Matrix (TEAeM)

In order to achieve an outcome capable of being applied across a range of emerging technologies, we have chosen to take one approach, which uses a combination of empirical studies carried out as part of the method used within TechEthos.