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Enhancement of ethical frameworks and outline of detailed ethics framework

In short

This report outlines the enhanced ethical framework, known as the ‘TechEthos Anticipatory ethics Matrix’ (TEAeM). TEAeM offers a systematic approach for researchers, academics, and policy makers to assess and address ethical concerns related to emerging technologies by combining empirical studies from the TechEthos methodology.

The methodology for ethical framework development is discussed, outlining the ethical frameworks to be considered for enhancement. Next the ethical frameworks are selected to be enhanced for emerging technologies following an ATE approach, Future Studies approach, and an Ethical Impact Assessment (EIA). Lastly, the framework that supports the ethical governance of new technologies is presented.


Nitika Bhalla (DMU), Sara Cannizzaro (DMU) Kathleen Richardson (DMU), Laurence Brooks (Sheffield/DMU)

Date of publication

30 June 2023


Draft version submitted to the European Commission for review

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Bhalla, N., Cannizzaro, S., Richardson, K., and Brooks, L., (2023), TechEthos Deliverable D5.1: Enhancement of Ethical Frameworks and Outline of Detailed Ethics Framework. Available at:

Deliverable | 30 June 202


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