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Societal Readiness Tool (Pre-Final Version)

Deliverable | 28 October 2023

In short

This deliverable introduces the TechEthos Societal Readiness Tool (SRT) – primarily intended for use by actors in product design and innovation.

The goal of the report is two-fold. First, the deliverable provides guidance and enables to undertake a product development process based on ethical and social impact considerations from the very earliest stages. Also, the tool enables target users to conduct qualitative self-assessment of the readiness level of their products.


Bennet Francis (UT), Philip Brey (UT), Andrea Porcari (AIRI), Tynke Schepers (UT).

Date of publication

18 December 2023


Pre-final Report for Dissemination

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Francis, B; Brey, P; Richardson, R; Umbrello, S; Porcari, A; Schepers, T (2023). D5.6 Ethical sensitivity tools: societal readiness tool and ethical role-playing tool.


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