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Societal Readiness Manuscript for an Article Outlining the Refined and Revised Methodology

Deliverable | 28 October 2023

In short

This report presents a manuscript detailing the revised ‘TechEthos’ Anticipatory Ethics Model (TEAeM) – useful for researchers, analysts, and policy-makers wanting to assess the ethical issues of emerging technologies and mitigate these risks.

The paper examines the concept of ethics of emerging technologies based on the analysis of a number of key ethical frameworks. Since all these approaches lacked some elements, this paper attempts to improve the ethical analysis with the integration of policy and empirical content, and therefore shape the TEAeM framework – based on the analysis of the three emerging technology families in focus.


Brooks L, Bhalla N, Cannizzaro S, and Richardson K.

Date of publication

30 August 2023


Draft version submitted to the European Commission for review

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Brooks, L., Bhalla, N., Cannizzaro, S., and Richardson, K., (2023). Manuscript for an article outlining the refined and revised methodology. TechEthos Project Deliverable 2.3. Available at:


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