Policy brief
XR and General Purpose AI: from values and principles to norms and standards

Policy brief | 22 February 2023

In short

The TechEthos project addressed the ethical challenges of eXtended Reality and Natural Language Processing. These topics belong to the larger area of General Purpose Artificial Intelligence.

We take the position that values and principles are not enough for AI regulation. European policy makers should go beyond merely listing such values and principles, because manufacturers may not immediately understand how to implement them in the design of AI systems. For EU regulation to be effective, we offer an operationalization of the values and principles in the form of suggested norms and standards.

This policy brief lists new and emerging issues to supplement, enhance and update the Assessment List for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (ALTAI) developed by the High-Level Expert Group on AI. Based on our analysis, we formulate specific recommendations for AI regulation.


Laurynas Adomaitis, French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), Alexei Grinbaum, CEA.

Date of publication

22 February 2023

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Adomaitis, L. and Grinbaum A. (2023). XR and General Purpose AI: from values and principles to norms and standards. TechEthos Project Policy Brief. Available at: www.techethos.eu


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