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Scan of publicly available Research Ethics and Integrity results

Publication | 30 June 2021

In short

This report gathers input (e.g.,reports, tools, and other documents) from other EU-funded projects in the areas of Research Ethics (RE) and Research Integrity (RI) which could be relevant to the work that will be carried out by TechEthos. In the long run, this will contribute to synchronize EU projects and their outcomes as well.


Lisa Tambornino, European Network of Research Ethics Committees (EUREC Office gUG), Renate Klar, EUREC Office gUG, Patrick Taylor Smith, University of Twente

Date of publication

30 June 2021


Final version approved by the European Commission

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Tambornino, L., Klar, R., Smith, P.T. (2021). Scan of publicly available results of other EU funded research ethics (RE) and research integrity (RI) projects regarding their relevance for the work in TechEthos. Deliverable 6.1 for the European Commission. TechEthos Project Deliverable. Available at:


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