Methodology for ethical analysis and scan results of existing ethical codes and guidelines

In short

The world is changing, and ethical priorities are shaping how societies engage with and produce technologies. The horizon scanning activity has identified the three technology families that are the focus of the TechEthos project. This report contributes to an ethical overview which adds further to the conceptual and practical frameworks required to understand the technologies’ high socio-economic impact. 

This report reviews three approaches to ethical analysis ATE, eTA and Future Studies, and explores the process and the result of a scan of ethical guidelines on new and emerging technologies and their socio-economic impacts. This scan will be used to ensure that the ethics framework and guidelines developed by TechEthos will be relevant and applicable for a wide range of new and emerging technologies.


Sara Cannizzaro, De Montfort University (DMU), Laurence Brooks, DMU, Kathleen Richardson, DMU

Date of publication

29 September 2021


Draft version submitted to the European Commission for review

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Cannizzaro, S., Brooks, L., Richardson, K., Umbrello, S., Bernstein, M., Adomaitis, L., (2021). Methodology for ethical analysis, scan results of existing ethical codes and guidelines. TechEthos Project Deliverable. Available at:


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