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Assessment and final selection of technologies

Assessment and final selection of technologies

In short

This report presents the methods and results of the assessment process that enabled TechEthos to select the technology families upon which it will focus its work.

16 shortlisted technologies were assessed qualitatively with the support of a survey and expert interviews. An impact assessment matrix was produced and validated by project partners and external experts. This resulted in the selection of “Climate Engineering”, “Digital Extended Reality” and “Neurotechnologies” technology families as the focus of the project.


Eva Buchinger, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), Manuela Kinegger, AIT, Georg Zahradnik, AIT, Michael Bernstein, AIT, Andrea Porcari, Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca Industriale (AIRI), Gustavo Gonzalez, AIRI, Daniela Pimponi, AIRI, Giuliano Buceti, AIRI

Date of publication

28 January 2022


Deliverable accepted by the European Commission

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Buchinger E., Kinegger M., Zahradnik G., Bernstein M.J., Porcari A., Gonzalez G., Pimponi D., Buceti G. (2022). TechEthos technology portfolio: Assessment and final selection of economically and ethically high impact technologies. Deliverable 1.2 to the European Commission. TechEthos Project Deliverable. Available at:


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