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Our Activities

Explore, at a glance, the main areas of work of TechEthos and how far along we are in this process. Click on each tile for more links to results and relevant webpages.


We consider it important that our work is easily accessible for different users, meets their needs and results in tools that are suitable for the activities of the broader Research and Innovation community.

Completed Ongoing Still to come



Still to come

Ethical sensitivity tool

Researchers, innovators, regulators and civil society organisations need tools – not just checklists – that can strengthen their capacity for ethical decision making and sensitivity to ethical issues raised by new and emerging technologies. TechEthos Societal Readiness Web Tool helps actors in product design innovation develop product social readiness, and facilitate qualitative societal readiness self-assessment.

Societal Readiness Web Tool

Engagement tools

TechEthos installation, scenarios, and games are freely available to all professionals working with the public on science engagement, so that a dialogue with the broader public can continue after the project’s lifetime.

TechEthos game: Ages of Technology Impacts

TechEthos installation: Y/our ethics decide!


A mix of high-level events, Policy Briefs, and ad-hoc support were put in place to support policy makers in engaging with our recommendations for an ethically-informed decision making process.

Policy Briefs

Policy Event