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Our Activities

Explore, at a glance, the main areas of work of TechEthos and how far along we are in this process. Click on each tile for more links to results and relevant webpages.


With our three to four impactful technologies identified, we will concentrate our efforts on understanding their ethical, societal and legal consequences – bringing on board the concerns of different groups of actors and looking at technologies from different perspectives.

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Ethical issues

TechEthos identified present and potential ethical issues – such as privacy and gender bias – linked to our selected technologies, as well as the ethical principles and values that might be challenged by these new technologies and their impacts.


Expert perspectives

We asked researchers, innovators, as well as technology, ethical, legal and economic experts, to consider several future scenarios for our selected technologies and provide their expertise regarding attitudes, proposals and solutions.

Policy note

Societal perspectives

We conducted a series of events such as science cafés and game scenario workshops with local research and technology players to better understand public attitudes, values and concerns towards future scenarios for our selected technologies.

Key takeaways

Media discourse

The way media tackles technology topics both reflects and shapes, public opinion. TechEthos analysed media sources in 13 countries for insights into trends and issues.


Legal implications

TechEthos considered the state of existing law and regulation currently in place for our selected technologies, and identified areas for improvement, such as addressing socio-economic inequalities and ensuring fundamental human rights and freedoms.


The needs of the R&I community

Active dialogue and workshops with different stakeholders in the Research & Innovation Community, including Research Ethics Committees, allowed us to understand how TechEthos can best support their needs: this shaped our work in enhancing frameworks and utilising results.


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