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Considering the results of our analysis, TechEthos will produce valuable policy advice for the effective governance of new and emerging technologies at national, EU and the international level.

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Ethical frameworks

We will consider the implications of our analysis for existing ethical frameworks and outline a framework for how ethics can be included effectively in the governance of emerging technologies.

First results

Legal frameworks

We will propose potential changes to legal frameworks and discuss the principles that should be followed when reforming such frameworks and the circumstances necessary to make changes happen.

Operational guidelines & codes

We will help the Research and Innovation community to integrate ethics in their existing or new research protocols, and test and pilot them in the field. This includes supporting Research Ethics Committees in reviewing research projects concerning our selected technologies.

European code of conduct for research integrity

TechEthos partners will make sure that all our work is in line with this key European Code and that our work can contribute to its future revisions with novel insights about new and emerging technologies and the trends in the research landscape.

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